Friday, September 9, 2011

My Top Five: Despicable F1 Creations

L7M is back with another 'My Top 5' series. This time we have a look at the 5 ugliest  F1 cars ever created. This doesn't necessary mean it were bad cars, but boy, oh boy did we find them despicable. So despicable, our eyes were automatically drawn to them and made us shiver.

5. Tower/extra wings (e.g. Tyrrell 97, Ferrari & Prost 98 , Arrows 02).
To see the Prost & Ferrari type of tower wings in action click

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My F1 Top Five: F1 Drivers Crashing In Feeder Series

It's time for another My F1 Top 5. This time we searched for our Top 5 F1 drivers with the craziest or in hindsight historic crashes before they entered F1. For example crashes in their F3 or GP2 time, the feeder series for one so to say. None of the drivers were (seriously) injured during these accidents.

5. Bruno Senna vs Dog, GP2 Istanbul 2009

Monday, August 15, 2011

5 songs we like: First Edition

In ‘5 songs we like’ L7M selects 5 songs in random order from the past or present. Music from every genre could end up in these top 5 lists. All examples are from youtube and not posted by me.

Anouk – Heaven Knows: She was born on 8 april 1975 and is one of the best artist the Netherlands ever saw. In 1997 she released her first hit single and has released 11 albums since then. The song Heaven Knows came from her 2005 album Hotel New York which reached diamond status. Anouk is definitely a world class artist.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Masters Of Formula 3: 2011 Preview

This weekend (13 & 14 August) the RTL GP Masters of Formula 3 will take place at Zandvoort. Formerly the most important European F3 race of the season, in which the best F3 drivers of Europe compete against each other. Now, the Masters of F3 forms the 4th of five events in the inaugural FIA Formula 3 International Trophy. One thing will probably stay the same though, the winner of the Masters Of F3 has a high chance of ending up in Formula 1. Former winners that reached F1 are e.g. Lewis Hamilton, Nico H├╝lkenberg, Paul di Resta, Christian Klien, Takuma Sato, David Coulthard, and Jos Verstappen.

Having said that, a certain announcement made a few weeks ago, was a small let down before this years 21st edition even starts. Only one team, Carlin Motorsports, of the British F3 Championship will be present this weekend. This means that the field will consist out of 19 drivers. Only the first edition of the Masters in 1991 produced a smaller grid.

So why are the British F3 teams not joining? The most heard reason is unfair competition. They say the F3 Euro Series drivers have already raced in Zandvoort in May of this year. One thing that is for certain is the following fact: since the creation of the Formula 3 Euro Series in 2003, every single Masters of F3 has been won by a Euro Series driver. One other important thing to note is that Felipe Nasr, leader of the British F3 Championship and racing for Carlin Motorsport, won’t participate. Reason is his management ‘doesn’t see the need’.

Most of these British F3 drivers won’t be present during the 2011 Masters Of F3 edition

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beitske Visser (16) takes sensational win in Dutch Supercar Challenge.

Beitske Visser is a well known face in the karting scene. Through her performances in this category, she earned an wildcard to participate in the Dutch Supercar Challenge (DSC), GT division in Assen. The GT division is the highest rated within the DSC.

impression of the DSC, GT division
Remember that Visser, 16 years old, had no experience with sport car racing. As could be expected there were some doubters, but Visser eagerly accepted the challenge.